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The story accompanies the alchemist and magician Leonidon on a journey through time.
During a magical ritual, a dimensional gate accidentally opens and Leonidon is dragged into the portal and lands in a distant future where machines dominate.
There is a millennia-old conflict in which the machines try to change the planet to optimal conditions, but nature has its ways to defend itself, unfortunately the machines are slowly gaining the upper hand. But when Leonidon appeared in this dimension, he had to realize that he was the last man of flesh and blood. Then he decided to use the last reagents that had been drawn into this dimension to create a sword in a magical ritual that was powerful enough to free the souls trapped in the machines.
To be able to return home, Leonidon needs nine kinds of resonance stones that might allow him to find his way back to the old days...

This is the first part of the adventure, the full game will be available on steam wishlist now!


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Heart in the Dark 3 GB

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